The Last River
By Stuart Waldman
Illustrated by Gregory Manchess

10" x 10"
48 pages, Color
Read-Along™ map

John Wesley Powell & The Colorado River Exploring Expedition.

It was an unlikely bunch of explorers. The leader was a small, bookish, one-armed geology professor. The crew consisted of an emotionally disturbed Civil War veteran, an Englishman whose knowledge of the west came from dime novels, and a group of free-spirited westerners who didn't take kindly to orders.

Their goal was to explore a river that flowed through hundreds of miles of inaccessible canyons and was surrounded by an inhospitable desert. A maelstrom of churning water, huge waves, jagged rocks and treacherous whirlpools, the Colorado was America's last unexplored river. Few believed John Wesley Powell and his men would change that.

In May, 1869, ten men boarded four row boats in Green River City, Wyoming. Three months and a thousand miles later, only two battered boats and six exhausted and starving men emerged from the depths of the Grand Canyon. Against all odds and expectations, the Colorado River Exploring Expedition had succeeded, but at a price.

For both the explorer and the reader, the key element of any voyage of discovery is the map. While the explorer can have the map in front of him, the reader usually cannot. There's nothing more frustrating than having to flip back to read a map in the middle of reading a story. For this book, Mikaya Press has designed a Read-Along™ Map. This gatefold page makes it possible to read about an explorer's travels, and follow them on a map at the same time.

"It was a wild ride–rowboats smashing, Powell dangling from a canyon wall by a rescuers long underwear, brutal conditions, resentment of the leader, disappearing men–and this book does it justice..."
School Library Journal

"...handsome full- and double-page paintings, ranging from stately landscapes of canyons to scenes of danger and rescue. Rich in color, strong in composition, and beautifully executed..."

Stuart Waldman is a writer and editor. He lives in New York City with his wife and son. He has written three Great Explorers Books: We Asked for Nothing, The Last River, and Magellan's World.

Gregory Manchess's paintings have appeared in magazines like Time, Newsweek, Smithsonian and National Geographic. He has illustrated film posters, billboards, children's books, as well as the covers of two Major League Baseball World Series Programs. His work has garnered a gold medal, three silver medals, and a Best Illustration of the Year Award from the Society of Illustrators in New York. Gregory Manchess lives in Beaverton, Oregon. He is the illustrator of The Last River, Despite All Obstacles, and Magellan's World.

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