The Great Wall
By Elizabeth Mann
Illustrated by Alan Witschonke

10" x 10"
48 pages, Color

Hardcover US $22.95
Paperback US $9.95

iBooks $6.99

The story of thousands of miles of earth and stone that turned a nation into a fortress.

Now imagine the enemy that this wall was built to defend against.

The Mongols were nomadic warriors of legendary skill and savagery. Their empire encompassed most of the known world, from southern Asia to northern Europe, from the Middle East to the Sea of Japan. Now the fierce and unstoppable horsemen were bearing down on China. For the Chinese, there seemed only one solution: to turn their country into a vast fortress.

The Great Wall chronicles a people's struggle for absolute security in a violent and dangerous world. It is a story of astonishing success and ultimate failure, of ingenuity, determination, the will to survive and, in the end, futility.

Best Books of the Year
The Child Study Children's Book Committee

Outstanding From a Learning Perspective
The Parent Council

"A beautiful and informative entry in the Wonders of the World series in which Mann meticulously outlines the building of the Great Wall as well as the thousands of years of conflict that prompted it...Detailed illustrations chronicle the Chinese people's attempts to foil violence by erecting the wall...A thoughtful discussion about the life of nomadic tribes on the steppe and their difference from the Chinese people illustrates how cultures distrust and fear one another...Mann makes thrilling the ironies of the Great Wall: It never fulfilled its purpose of providing safety by exclusion and contributed to the downfall of the Ming dynasty because of its enormous costs."
A Book of Special Note, Kirkus Reviews

"2,000 years of Chinese history read like an adventure story."
The Sacramento Bee

"Readers who loved Elizabeth Mann's The Brooklyn Bridge and The Great Pyramid, will be instant fans of The Great Wall...Although it is a complicated story of politics and power, Mann tells it simply and skillfully...Brilliant illustrations by Alan Witschonke convey the enormity of the construction...a stunning visual history that will enrich any study of Chinese history and culture."
Library Talk

"Part of the publisher's "Wonders of the World" series, this excellent book combines history and adventure in a winning package...Sure to be popular both as education and entertainment, this title is highly recommended for grades 4 to 6."
Catholic Library World

"Chinese history abounds with drama, intrigue, greatness and sadness. In this book all the elements on which the nation was founded are melded into a riveting account of how the Great Wall was built and its physical and mental impact on the Chinese people. The writing is infused with a genuine enthusiasm for the subject. The book's value is bolstered by strong and splendid illustrations. The Great Wall is a great book."
Reviews from the Parent Council

Elizabeth Mann lives in New York City with her husband and business partner Stuart Waldman. Formerly a teacher in the New York City Public Schools, she holds an M.S.E. from Bank Street College of Education. She is co-founder of Mikaya Press and the author of The Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue Of Liberty, The Great Pyramid, The Great Wall, The Roman Colosseum, The Panama Canal, Machu Picchu, Hoover Dam, The Parthenon, Taj Mahal and Tikal.

Alan Witschonke graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1975. He has won awards from both The Society of Illustrators and Communication Arts magazine. He lives in Belmont, MA with his two sons and his wife, Judith Love, who is also an illustrator. He is the illustrator of The Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue Of Liberty, The Great Wall, and Hoover Dam.

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