Rescued Images
By Ruth Jacobsen
7" x 9"
96 pages, Color

Hardcover US $19.95

Memoirs of a Childhood in Hiding.

Ruth Jacobsen lost her childhood twice. First when she was separated from her parents and hidden from the Nazis in the homes of strangers. Then when she spent the rest of her life trying to forget her terror and loss.

One day, she opened the albums of family photographs that had lain in a box, untouched for nearly forty years.

"My fear had always been that I would break down or become hysterical," she writes. Instead, she transformed the images into art, creating a series of vivid collages that pieced together a shattered childhood. As she worked, long suppressed memories came to the surface.

Combining collage and memoir, Rescued Images brings young Ruth Jacobson back to life: frightened and bewildered, buffeted by forces she cannot understand or control, bending but never breaking.

Parents' Choice Gold Medal
The Parents' Choice Foundation

Book of the Year, Silver Medal, Young Adult Nonfiction
Forward Magazine

Notable Children's Book in the field of Social Studies, 2002
National Council for the Social Studies and the Children's Book Council

"An unusual blend of memoir and image that reveals the horror of war and the transformative power of art."

"The book's elegant presentation dramatizes without prettifying... Although there are many Holocaust memoirs available for young adult audiences, this one stands out for its moving marriage of art and text and as a chilling reminder that the effects of the Nazi regime extend far beyond the barbed-wire fences of concentration camps and gnaw at the lives of so-called survivors."
Starred Review, The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"...unforgettable...Jacobsen's memoir of the Holocaust represents a unique perspective, one that should be included on school library shelves."
The Book Report

Ruth Jacobsen has worked in various jobs ranging from textile designer to motion picture projectionist since emigrating to the United States in 1953. She began creating her collages and constructions in the mid sixties. For the last three decades, she has exhibited them in both solo and group shows. Her work is represented in 30 private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe. Rescued Images is her first book.

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