Machu Picchu
By Elizabeth Mann
Illustrated by Amy Crehore

10" x 10"
48 pages, Color

Paperback US $9.95

iBooks $6.99

The story of the amazing Inkas and their city in the clouds.

Machu Picchu takes your breath away.

Perched between two mountain peaks and set in the spectacular high Andes, constructed out of hard granite rock shaped by hand into some of the most intricate stonework the world has ever seen, Machu Picchu is as astonishing as the people that built it.

Using slingshots, clubs, and stone-tipped spears, the Inkas conquered an empire spanning 2,500 miles. Without the use of the wheel, they built a vast and sophisticated network of roads. Without an alphabet, they governed a population of ten million people. With the most primitive of tools, they built Machu Picchu.

Then, suddenly, the Inka's world fell apart.

This is the story of the rise and fall of a great civilization and of the city that reminds us of that greatness.

Nonfiction Honor Book, 2000

"Readers will be fascinated by the narrative. Once again, Mann has written an engaging and accessible introduction to one of humankind's great architectural achievements."
School Library Journal

"It is Mann's comfortable text that makes this so special. She ably brings the Inca's complicated society into focus...And unlike some nonfiction, this really answers questions readers want to know. An exceptionally fine entry in the Wonders of the World series."
Starred Review, School Library Journal

Elizabeth Mann lives in New York City with her husband and business partner Stuart Waldman. Formerly a teacher in the New York City Public Schools, she holds an M.S.E. from Bank Street College of Education. She is co-founder of Mikaya Press and the author of The Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue Of Liberty, The Great Pyramid, The Great Wall, The Roman Colosseum, The Panama Canal, Machu Picchu, Hoover Dam, The Parthenon, Taj Mahal and Tikal.

Amy Crehore grew up in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She received a B.F.A. in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Amy has illustrated many book covers and magazine articles and she has won awards for her paintings. Eugene, Oregon has been her home since 1987. Machu Picchu is her first children's book.

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