Beyond the Sea of Ice
By Joan Elizabeth Goodman
Illustrated by Fernando Rangel

10" x 10"
48 pages, Color
Read-Along™ map

Hardcover US $22.95

The Voyages of Henry Hudson.

It was there. Henry Hudson was certain of it. Beyond the impenetrable fog and crushing ice of the North Atlantic lay the dream of kings-a passage to the Orient.

Hudson led four harrowing voyages thousands of miles across the North Atlantic. Sailing small wooden boats well above the Arctic Circle, guided by maps and charts that were based on rumor and hope as much as fact, surrounded by crews that shared neither his belief nor his commitment, Henry Hudson searched again and again for what was not there.

For both the explorer and the reader, the key element of any voyage of discovery is the map. While the explorer can have the map in front of him, the reader usually cannot. There's nothing more frustrating than having to flip back to read a map in the middle of reading a story. For this book, Mikaya Press has designed a Read-Along™ Map. This gatefold page makes it possible to read about an explorer's travels, and follow them on a map at the same time.

Nonfiction Honor Book, 1999

Notable Children's Book in the Field of Social Studies for 2000
National Council for the Social Studies and The Children's Book Council

"The story of a man and his son set adrift in the cold Arctic waters with only a few loyal supporters is a compelling one. An engaging text, illustrations that are like oil paintings and excerpts from crew members' diaries make this a highly readable and informative addition to library shelves. Recommended."
Book Report

"Where Goodman's book shines is in the foldout maps and diagrams of the voyages and in the journal entries by Hudson and members of his crews...When the next group of students with an assignment on explorers descends on the library, have this useful and attractive volume on hand."
School Library Journal

"An introduction to Hudson's voyages that will spark readers' interest....A foldout map indicating the routes of Hudson's four voyages of exploration extends beyond the pages, making it accessible to readers....Full page, bordered paintings provide dramatic visions of events."

Joan Elizabeth Goodman is the author of four novels for young adults: Songs from Home, The Winter Hare, Hope's Crossing, and Peregrine. She lives with her husband and two children in New York City, one block from the Hudson River. She is the author of Beyond the Sea of Ice, A Long and Uncertain Journey, and Despite All Obstacles.

Fernando Rangel was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in Queens, N.Y. He attended the High School of Art and Design in New York City, earned a B.F.A. at the School of Visual Arts, and trained at the Chatauqua School of Art. He is the illustrator of The Panama Canal and Beyond The Sea Of Ice.

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